Word 2010 : How To Paste HTML Or Formatted Text Correctly In MS Word

We all refer to Internet for creating presentations and research documents, assignments and other documents. Many a times we copy text from other documents or WebPages using CTRL+C and CTRL+V or Copy and Paste options.


There are several issues related to formatting of text when we copy paste such text or rich text or HTML into our word documents. The document looks untidy and stupid if the text fonts, color and sizes etc are different in different sections when we copy paste some text from some webpage or document.

Microsoft word 2010

In this article I will share some useful quick and easy tips to make your documents look better and use the copy paste functionality of MS word without damaging your document formatting.

To make it easy to understand, I will take up an example. I have copied some text from an HTML WebPage from my profile page to add it to my CV. The HTML text I copy contains a heading, some paragraph text and a list which is hyperlinked to some web-address.


To copy it, I selected the required text and copied it by right-clicking and clicking Copy as seen below


After copying the text, I go to the MS Word document that I am editing, I right click on the document and hover my mouse over the Paste Options: in the right click-context menu.

On hovering, it shows me 3 options. I will explain all and utility of them.

Keep Source Formatting:

This option retains the formatting from the original document or page, from where you copied it. You should use this options only if you are sure that the formatting of the both original document and the one you are making is same. Or if you are making a new document from scratch and want formatting same as the parent document. This options retains the original formatting as well as the hyperlinks in the copied content. Else see the other options explained below.


Merge formatting:

This option will merge the formatting of the content of the originally copied text into the formatting of the documents that you are pasting into. This options is recommended when you want to retain the fonts and style of the original page and want to make it fit in your document. This will also retain the original hyperlinks and slightly modify the style of the copied content to match the document you are making.


Keep Text Only:

This option is very useful as it removes all formatting and hyperlinks from the copied content and the formatting/ fonts / color etc all will automatically get removed from the copied content. This is recommended when you just want to copy some text without all formatting.


The above options are visible when you right click on the MS Word after you copy some text or HTML. But if you press CTRL+V to paste, MS Word will show paste options menu inside the document as highlighted below.


When you click on it, you will see the same options as you see in the right click menu with an additional option which says:

Use Destination Styling: 

This is a very useful option, It can be safely used. It removed the original formatting and converts the style into the styling of document which you are making. This will also preserve the hyperlinks and list or bullet styling.


Hope this tutorial helped you. See more Tutorials On MS Office.


  1. Good instructions – Thanks. Question:
    When copying/pasting from HTML to Word (2010), I cannot import images and get other HTML text such as:

    Profile Extrusion

    I updated from 2007 to 2010 and can’t figure out how to correct the problem. Maybe something to do with permissions? Any help would be appreciated – Cheers

  2. Thank you for this tutorial. My situation is similar to Don’s, I actually want to paste special as HTML into Word 2010, but the only options available currently are Unformatted Text and Unformatted Unicode Text.

    Similarly, I just updated from Word 2007 to 2010 and the option for pasting as HTML is no longer available.

    Thank you for any help you can provided.


  3. I have Word 2010 and I am going to school. I wrote a small paper and I hate the options it gives you for copy/pasting. When I started this paper I copy/pasted a few sentences onto the paper before I started and worked around it. Now that I am done I copy/pasted and it gives me those options and when I pick two out of the three it re-inserts those two sentences onto the already finished paper. Very confused, I want my 2007 Word back!…Can you help?

  4. I’m user of MS Office2010, my problem is gettig dark “0” shape filled black color when I paste something from any other passage that coppied from non office references. I couldn’t find help for my problem , I’ll be glad if you help me.
    Mehmet Ersivri

  5. I have the same problem as Mehmet. If I copy some text from a web page and try to paste it into a WORD document, I get that “o” shaped, black ball. When I click on it, WORD tells me that it’s a bitmap image. If I repeat, the copy process it works correctly and I get the 3 paste options. All of my defaults are set to “text only”.

    This is very frustrating and prevents me from using the paste command in macros.

    My whole experience with WORD 2010 has been terrible. Didn’t you consider the impact changing all the toolbars

  6. I’m having the same issues as Liko Phua even though i have verified that the settings on paste was done correctly…anyone has any idea how to fix this?

  7. I have the same “black O” problem that Mehet and Tom have …. please help … I really need to be able to easily paste from the internet!!!

  8. This is exactly the fourth posting, of urs I read.
    But yet I personally like this specific 1, Blackout Shades “Word 2010 : How To Paste HTML Or Formatted Text Correctly
    In MS Word” the most. Thank you -Una

  9. I actually have a tendency to agree with the whole thing that ended
    up being composed inside “Word 2010 : How To Paste HTML Or Formatted Text Correctly
    In MS Word”. Thank you for pretty much all the actual tips.

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