Youtube Rejected Video File Uploading

[Solved] Fix YouTube Server Rejected Video File While Uploading

Recently when I was trying to upload a video file on my youtube channel, I got some error saying “The server has rejected the file. Please follow these steps and upload the file again.” on the youtube interface while uploading and the error was that server has rejected the file and then you need to re upload it, but some users noticed that server was rejecting the file every time they tried to upload.

youtube server rejects the file

Such youtube issues may occur certain types of youtube files of certain extensions  and it may happen with youtube video in which title of the youtube video has some special characters or words which are not accepted on youtube as per the community guidelines.

Video Got Rejected Due to File Type Not Supported

Youtube actually supports a wide variety of the range of video and audio formats as mentioned below, so please make sure that your video has on of the following extensions for video file.

  • WebM files – Vp8 video codec and Vorbis Audio codecs
  • .MPEG4, 3GPP and MOV files – Typically supporting h264, mpeg4 video codecs, and AAC audio codec
  • .AVI – Many cameras output this format – typically the video codec is MJPEG and audio is PCM
  • .MPEGPS – Typically supporting MPEG2 video codec and MP2 audio
  • .WMV
  • .FLV – Adobe-FLV1 video codec, MP3 audio

If your video extension is supported by youtube but you are still facing the issue then make sure the video is playing in the any video player on your computer without any issues or lag as wrong or invalid or corrupted video could also be responsible for the same.

Additional Tip: Youtube also has started the support to upload the .MTS format which is the common format for handycam which record videos on memory SD cards.

Some formats which youtube does not support for video to be uploaded are

  • MSWMM and WLMP: You can easily covert these files to .WMV
  • Audio files (MP3, WAV, etc.) and Image files (JPG, PNG, etc.): We recommend that you convert these files to a video slideshow using windows live movie maker which comes pre installed in windows and it’s a free program from Microsoft and if you use Mac you can use iMovie.

youtube supported video file type

Try Incognito Mode of Google Chrome or Firefox

Another simple way to fix this issue was if you try uploading the same file using the private or incognito mode in your favorite browser including google chrome, firefox or IE it did worked for many youtube vloggers and uploaders to fix the problem as it will exclude the use of browser extensions, which may interfere with communication between your computer and YouTube. Ad blocking extensions, for instance, are commonly responsible for these problems.

Make Sure Firewall or Antivirus is Not Stopping this Upload

There are times when it could be due the firewall or antivirus installed on your computer which is blocking this upload and preventing the file to be uploaded considering it as a suspicious activity so make sure to disable these temporarily so that they don’t block or check the settings that they don’t block this activity.

Duplicate Youtube Video Upload

Youtube server also recognize each video with its file name and video time and other attributes, so in case if you are trying to upload the same video file with a different name by mistake or unknowingly  it will detect it as duplicate upload and will reject the file.


  1. Hey, I just found this after so long and worked perfect for me. I guess this was a connection issue or firewall??
    YouTube should really improve the file format and upload speed on their end 😀

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